The Independent Platform For Hydrogen Projects Development

The H2O2 Projects platform

The industrial production of hydrogen is progressing. Other areas and applications are still in their infancy. However, many projects fail due the complexity of getting an economical solution off the ground. Without public funding, green hydrogen plants are not yet feasible (2022).

H2O2 Projects has set itself the task of closing this gap.

The H2O2 Projects platform offers investors and operators a central competence and contact point for making investments in renewable, green energy. Experts accompany you on the journey from idea formulation through final investment decision (FID).


Any location can become a green location for any need

Regardless of your location or business, there is an optimal, economical and green hydrogen solution for you.

The starting point for a green hydrogen project is either a specific need, upgrading an existing location, or simply the idea and willingness to invest in green hydrogen technology. In any case, the journey starts with a detailed needs collection and location analysis.

Modular systems for tailor-made solutions

  • A variety of energy sources (wind, solar, hydropower, ..)
  • modular construction in standard containers 20″ or 40″
  • Minimal construction and installation times thanks to “fast track execution”
  • lexible island systems or feed-in
  • demand-oriented scalability
  • tried and tested standard components with a reliable supply of spare parts
  • local independent vendor


The question of investment profitability in green hydrogen is very dynamic and must be checked continuously. All aspects of the scope and schedule must be considered holistically:

  • Energetic process optimization (pinch point)
  • CapEx and OpEx
  • Proof of competitiveness
  • Funding availability
  • change in market prices
  • speed of the approval process
  • offtake agreements
  • Regional particularities
  • Lieferzeiten und Verfügbarkeit
  • Use of optimal technology
  • Future-proof scalability


Holistic financing concepts

When all components work together, the investment decision will be positive:

  • Equity and Assets
  • regional funding
  • Funding from the EU
  • CO2 certificates
  • H2 certificates
  • Failure losses without green energy storage
  • Selling H2 and O2
  • Crowdfunding

„If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.“

African Proverb